1 How do you create a dashed stroke in Photoshop CS6?
2 How do you make a vector shape into an exact size?
3 What feature can you use to move multiple layers from one file to another?
4 What is the difference between a Paragraph and a Character Style?


1 In Photoshop CS6, you can use any of the vector shape tools (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Elliptical, Polygon, Line, or Custom shape tools) to create a vector shape or line. You can then select Set Stroke Shape Type in the Options bar to open the Stroke Options. Subsequently, you can select a preset dashed stroke, or click More Options and then check Dashed Line to create a custom stroke.
2 You can create a shape (does not work with the Line tool) in an exact size by selecting the tool and then clicking once in the image area. You can then enter the width and height values in the Create Custom Shape dialog box.
3 You can right-click (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Mac OS) on a layer or layers, and select Duplicate Layers. You can then designate another open file as the destination, or choose New to create a new file with the layers already included.
4 A Paragraph style changes the attributes of text in an entire paragraph. A Character style allows you to change just the attributes of the selected text.


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