Lesson 3 Qestions

1 Describe two ways to combine one image with another.
2 What is created in the destination image when you cut and paste or drag and drop
another image fi le into it?
3 What are the best formats (for print) in which to save a fi le that contains text or other
vector objects?
1 Copy and Paste: Select the content from your source document and choose Edit >
Copy. Then select your destination document and choose Edit > Paste to paste the
artwork into it.
Drag and Drop: Make sure both your source and destination documents are visible.
With the Move tool selected, click and drag the image from the source fi le to the
destination fi le.
2 When you cut and paste, or drag and drop, one image into another, a new layer
containing the image data is created in the destination fi le.
3 If your fi le contains text or vector objects, it is best to save the fi le in one of these
three formats: Photoshop (PSD), Photoshop (EPS), or Photoshop (PDF).


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