Lesson 4 Questions

1 Which selection tool is best used when an image has areas of similar color?
2 Which key should you hold down when adding to a selection?
3 What can you do to select the image data inside a path?
4 Which dialog box allows you to edit your selection using diff erent masking options?
5 When does Refi ne Edge appear in the Options bar?
1 The Magic Wand is a good tool to use when you have areas of an image with similar
colors. The Magic Wand tool selects similar colors based on the Tolerance setting in
the Options bar.
2 Hold down the Shift key to add to a selection. This works with any of the selection
3 To select the pixels inside of a path, you can activate the path by Ctrl+clicking
(Windows) or Command+clicking (Mac OS) on the path in the Paths panel or by
clicking the Load Path as Selection button at the bottom of the Paths panel.
4 The Refi ne Selection dialog box allows you to select the best masking technique and
to preview edge selection changes that you are making.
5 Refi ne Edge will only appear in the Options bar when a Selection tool is active.


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