Project 2: Synopsis

He gives a whole new meaning to “mystery meat”!

Kevin Jones is just your average student at Bloodville Junior High. Everything is going well for him and his popular best friend, Nick Coolman, when all of a sudden—surprise!  A new, mysterious chef who goes by the name Mushie Breakaroni shows up to work at the school cafeteria, and let’s just say:  the food starts getting more than just a little strange.  Not only does it both look and taste indefinable, it almost seems…alive?! The whole situation is “totally bogus!” as Nick Coolman would say.  Kevin believes it’s high time to investigate this culinary conundrum—and fast!

When the kids decide to investigate the cafeteria during afterhours, what they see cannot be unseen. The food really is alive; and it looks like an army of ferocious foodstuffs. Monstrous meatloaf, terrifying tacos, frightening fried chicken, scary string beans!  You name it, it’s there.  And it looks like their commander is none other than Mushi himself.  Just what the heck is going on?!

It’s up to Kevin and Nick to put a stop to this gastronomic goon once and for all. But how will they pull it off?  All hope seems lost. Or is it?  It looks like they’ll have to cooperate with…Kevin’s bratty little sister, Bonnie—and rumor has it that she has girl cooties!  Tough break, heroes.  But it looks like Mushie has already unleashed his gourmet gang on Bloodville, so choices and time are both limited.  Man, this gut-wrenching thriller is enough to make a kid cry out: “Yikes! Mushie Breakaroni!”